Alpha & Omega Studies(Homework Class)

This is what would be referred to as our ‘Homework class.” It involves the entire Bible from beginning to end, verse by verse with work along T/F and fill in the blank sheets to learn by. By the time you have gone through this study, you will have studied God’s word verse by verse while examining the truths involved as you go along. You will enjoy and grow to love God’s word in this study. It is a study that will teach you faithfulness to God’s word. All you have to do is read and answer the questions from the Scriptures as you go. Its all laid out for you. It just takes “want to.” Brother Thurman

Below are the Alpha & Omega Studies (Homework Class). All of the studies (200+ for the entire Bible) are designed exactly the same, with exception of a few that require other things (like numbers) but in whole, they are the same. 25 T/F Questions or statements. 20 fill in the blanks. Simple, right? All you have to do is read in your Bible the “Assignment” listed at the top right of the page, and the answers pop up as your going through (most of them will pop up). There are answers sheets to these lessons that you may request from Brother Thurman after finishing a lesson. The study is split into 4 volumes of 49-52 lessons each (average 50). Once you get the hang of it you’ll really enjoy it and be glad that you have obeyed our Lord in studying His wonderful word. Psst! Clue: Some of the questions and statements can be tricky so read what is being “asked” or “said” carefully. It is a wonderful class for you to set as a discipline, and watch how the Lord will bless you for doing so. Download the pages if you can and print them. Remember, If the page looks out of sorts on this site like numbers and letters being misaligned, it will not download like this. The pages will download and print orderly. Some of the devils tricks! Oh! If you are like me, do your lessons with a pencil rather than pen. Pencils have erasers! Lucky for me! Haha! Brother Thurman

If you have any questions or comments while you are studying, please mention it in the comment section below right now and I will reply okay, thanks. If you have a problem with a study page not coming up, just refresh or reload it and this will usually get your page you want to show up for you. All is well praise the Lord! Brother Thurman

Beginning of Volume 1

Genesis Chapters 1-17

Genesis Chapters 18-37

Genesis Chapter 38 – Exodus Chapter 5

Exodus Chapters 6-25

Exodus Chapter 26 – Leviticus Chapter 5

Leviticus Chapters 6-27

Numbers Chapters 1-20

Numbers Chapter 21 – Deuteronomy Chapter 4

Deuteronomy Chapters 5-20

Deuteronomy Chapter 21 – Joshua Chapter 5

Joshua Chapters 6 – 24

Judges Chapters 1 – 16

Judges Chapter 17 – Ruth Chapter 4

End of Alpha & Omega Studies Volume 1

Beginning of Volume 2

1 Samuel Chapter 1 – 2 Samuel Chapter 18

2 Samuel Chapter 19 – 2 Kings Chapter 18

2 Kings Chapter 19 – 2 Chronicles Chapter 18

2 Chronicles Chapter 19 – Job Chapter 7

Job Chapter 8 – Psalms Chapter 45

Psalms Chapter 46 – Proverbs Chapter 7

Proverbs Chapter 8 – Song of Solomon Chapter 8

End of Alpha & Omega Studies Volume 2

Beginning of Volume 3

Isaiah Chapters 1-40

Isaiah Chapter 41 – Jeremiah Chapter 15

Jeremiah Chapter 16 – Lamentations Chapter 5

Ezekiel Chapters 1-40

Ezekiel Chapter 41 – Amos Chapter 5

Amos Chapter 6 – Zechariah Chapter 7

Zechariah Chapter 8 – Malachi Chapter 4

End of Alpha & Omega Studies Volume 3

Beginning of Volume 4 (New Testament)

Here begins the New Testament studies of God’s word. As it begins you will notice that the Gospels (Matthew -John) are bunched together for the first 16 lessons. Don’t let this throw you off. These lessons are purposely placed together to help you to see what goes on from all four writers perspective at the same time. All four writers are writing about the same thing in their own words as the Holy Ghost moves them and are giving you the same truth of their time with the Lord Jesus Christ as they witnessed it. Sometimes (as you will see) only one writer will mention an event and the others say nothing about it. And then sometimes all four writers speak and comment. It really helps to study the Gospels this way to get a bigger picture of the time all the men spent with Jesus while He was here on earth for 31/2 years. As you begin, just continue as you have been with each lesson before and read each lessons assigned Scriptures, then fill in the lesson. You will have it mastered after the first lesson. Don’t worry about it. Take your time and enjoy the Lord’s word. I commend you for honoring the Lord and studying His wonderful words. Brother Thurman

Matthew – John/Studied Together

Matthew – John/Studied Together

Matthew – John/Studied Together/Begin Acts Chapter 1-28

Romans Chapter 1 – 2 Corinthians Chapter 4

2 Corinthians Chapter 5 – 2 Thessalonians Chapter 3

1 Timothy Chapter 1 – James Chapter 5

1 Peter Chapter 1 – Revelation Chapter 22

End of Alpha & Omega Studies Volumn 4

Alpha & Omega Studies (Homework Class)

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