ABCs of Christian Growth Study

Welcome to the ABCs of Christian Growth Study. On this page are the actual study pages themselves, available for download if you wish to have them in this form. They are all fill in the blank, and run along with the ABCs Audio studies that coincide with them. These pages are the actual pages being taught in the audios. The more ways that you can learn (through your eyes, ears, and written form) the more of the Lords word you will retain. Every time you see a Scripture reference “stop” and look it up in your Bible, and read it. The whole point of Bible Study is to know what God’s word “SAYS,” and if you read it with your own eyes then you will “KNOW.” If you print out the studies, you can fill in the Scriptures as you read them. Thank you for being faithful to study our Lords word. The Lord will honor those that honor Him and His word. 1 Samuel 2:30; John 12:26 Brother Thurman

Below are the up to date lessons in the ABCs of Christian Growth. They are of course A-Z (with others inserted). The Lord bless you for studying his beautiful word on purpose. If you wish to download the lessons please do by clicking the download at the lower left of any of the columns. I remind you that there are audio’s that go right along with these pages and lessons in the ABCs of Christian Growth Audio studies if you wish to study that way. You also can study right off the sight by listening here, or download the audio and listen some other place. You decide. I love and appreciate you with Christ’s love. Brother Thurman.

If you want to comment or have a question during your study, please put it in the comment section below and I’ll reply, thank you. If you have a problem with your study page not coming up, just refresh or reload the page and that will usually get your desired page up for you. Brother Thurman

Lesson A shows by the Scriptures that “once saved always saved.” If you believe what your Lord “Says” in His word, when you have gone through this lesson you will know exactly what God’s mind is concerning you and your Salvation. Everyone has a final authority whether it is themselves or whatever it may be. (Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius, money, your big toe or a statue on your shelf) Everyone has one. A Christian man and woman is supposed to have a final authority (who gets the last say) in there life. It is called the word of God. Its a BOOK that you can hold and see and read to know your God’s will. We trust in it! Below you will see what “IT” (the BOOK) says concerning you going to heaven and how and why.

Letter A-2 teaches about what the Scriptures “SAY” about angels and who they are. It also answers old questions and myths like “Do angels have wings?” “Are angels all female? Are all angels Gods messengers, etc.

Letter A-3 follows up on the Salvation study in that it shows about your new family that you have been “ADOPTED” into and how, and what it took to get you there.

Letter B Gives a ABCs outline of our Bible and how it is setup and what the parts of the Bible are called. Take your time and learn. If you have any questions I would be happy to try to answer them for you by the comments or email, you choose, but get your Bible questions answered and be sure it is what God “SAYS.” I appreciate you and your love for the Lord in studying His word. Brother Thurman

“Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth. Forsake her not, and she shall preserve thee: love her, and she shall keep thee.” Proverbs 4:5,6

Are you looking up the verses? Look them up already.

Here we have the letters C, D, D2, and D3. Letter C is New Testament truth you should learn. It’s not found in the Old Testament and there are reasons for that. Don’t let that frighten you. All of the Bible was written “FOR” you, but all of the Bible was not written “TO” you. Important.

The Church (C) is truth that is written “for and to” you. Does “church mean a building? This study will give you the details of what God’s word says. Then you will “know what you believe and why. That is comforting.

Letter D is also for you. It teaches you how and what the Lord expects from you since He has saved you. Not scary. Wonderful truths. Many Christians do not know what these truths are. They are not being taught and some turn a ear. Let that not be you or me.

Letter D-2 is about what the Lord calls “the last enemy,” death. What do you know about death? Don’t you think it is an important truth if God talks about it? It involves everyone you know saved and lost. Is death a person? Is death painful? What does it mean “to die?” All of this is in God’s word?

Letter D-3 is concerning something called “Doctrine.” Don’t let that word scare you. All it means is “WHAT IS AND WHAT IS NOT!” If you are God fearing and willing to grow (which is Gods desire for you) you are going to eventually learn what the “Doctrines” of Gods word are. Doctrine is what the Bible (God’s word) teaches the Christian to believe, and to be his final authority of belief and practice while he is here on earth and still in the body. For Example: It’s not doctrinal about what shoes you wear and like in the Bible. But, is Jesus Christ God? That, “IS DOCTRINAL!” We believe and practice that Jesus is God! Period! There are those that say He is not God! Is that important? Yes, “ITS DOCTRINAL!” The Study does not go deep into the issues of doctrine, but rather “what doctrine is!” Important for you. Enjoy the words of life! All is well! Brother Thurman

Below are the letters D4, E, F and F2. You that are serious about your studies here, which most of you probably are, don’t be surprised if strange things start happening on these lessons.

Letter D-4 is concerning Devils and unclean spirits. It touches truths of their nature and their abilities and other truths you need to know.

Following that, the Letter E is about their lord, The Enemy, Satan. Why is He said by the Lord and His word to be an ENEMY? We have no enemies do we? The world teaches that the word enemy is a taboo word, doesn’t it? You know, the old “lets all come together” thing? Is he the enemy or not? If so, what does the Lord want us to know? Don’t you want to know about your “enemies?” Satan is their prince! He will try to keep you from these lessons above the rest. Just be aware of it.

Letter F is about what Satan has destroyed in the world, the Family. People today laugh when you say “family.” Children do not know what it means, and what they need to know is right here in this study from God’s word. But no one will teach them, or are not allowed. Nevertheless, it’s still “truth” and what God “SAYS!” This will be a topic at the Throne.

Letter F-2 is truth that every Christian should strive to know the details of. Most Christians do not know what forgiveness and forgiving entail. Is it true that forgiveness is forgetting? Why forgive? What do you get out of it? Is it fair? All very important truths. Don’t be discouraged about truth. Embrace it! Brother Thurman

Below are the letters of the lessons G, H, I, and I-2.

Beginning with Lesson G, who else would it be from God’s word but “GOD?” This study helps you to learn what God’s word say’s about Himself. What is God like? What is He called? How many gods are there? What does the Bible “SAY?”

Letter H is truth about the “Holy Ghost.” What is He? Who is He? What does He do and why? Does He have anything to do with you (the Christian?)

Letter I is about the truth of Baptism (Immersion.) Is it important? Can it decide whether you are going to heaven or hell? Important to know, wouldn’t you think?

Lesson I-2 is about another truth that is on the back burners in Christendom today. But if (Imputation) was not, could you be saved? This used to be taught to every Christian, but the enemy has slyly removed it from sight. He knows that if you know this you’ll know more about how “perfect God’s plan is.” Believe your Bible! Brother Thurman

Are you really looking up the verses?

Here are the letters J, J2, J3 and K.

Who could the Lesson J be about other than our Lord Jesus Christ. It details truths that the Scriptures teach concerning Him specifically. “The Godman?” REALLY? Was He half God and half man? Did He have a beard? What color was He? What language did He speak?

Lesson J-2 is about the truth of “justification” and what it is and if it is important for you and if so, “how important.” If there was not “justification” and its truth in Gods plan what would become of you? Good question!

Lesson J-3 is a study that everyone should have a interest in, Judgment and Judging. Does the Bible teach that a Christian is not to judge? Most will answer in the affirmative. Is this what God commands the Child of God? Are we to Judge or not? Good study.

Letter K is over a interesting but very needed truth. Is there (knowledge) that is good and knowledge that is bad? Are we, like society today supposed to get every bit of knowledge we can possibly gather, or can some knowledge be dangerous “we wish we hadn’t known?” Is knowledge, knowledge, or are there many types of knowledge? Study, and find out! Good stuff! Brother Thurman

Below you will find the letters K2, L, L2, and M. All good truths from your Bible.

It begins with Lesson K-2 which teaches what the Scriptures say about “killing ” and what are the differences in God’s eyes concerning the subject. Is it what man says it is “thou shalt not kill” or is there more to it than that?

Lesson L teaches you about one of the two things the Lord Jesus commanded for the Church before He ascended back to the Father, “Communion,” or the Lord’s Supper. Are their dangers for the Christian in desecrating this commandment?

Lesson L-2 is one of the most interesting studies in the ABCs. Man has been trying to “define” life for millennia, and has not satisfactorily accomplished finding it out. Study it from beginning to end. You’ll appreciate what God’s word says concerning (“Life.”)

Letter M is about the truth of missions. It reveals God’s mind and what the Scriptures “SAY” concerning missionaries. And, if they should be, if God used them, if there were any in the Scriptures, and who they were. You need to know these truths. Brother Thurman

Here, we have the lessons M2, N, O, and P.

Lesson M-2 ought to draw the interest of every person breathing, you know? Good old MAN! That’s right, its about you and me and the whole human race, (MAN, the measure of all things!) It teaches what God thinks about man, and what man thinks about man. And, what should and should not be thought. A hair raising study indeed!

Letter N brings the subject of the “New Birth,” what it is, and how it comes about, and to whom. What does the Bible “SAY?

The Letter O is a topic that if you stood out in the middle of a huge crowd and said to the top of your lungs, it would stop everyone in there tracks, (Obedience!) That word is a real “nauseant” to people for some reason, but amazingly, it is a very important issue with the Lord.

Letter P tells and teaches how you should think about prayer and how important it is to the Lord Himself. Amazing isn’t it? That a Almighty God would want to hear from us and encourage us to “continue in it.” What a amazing Lord we have. And think, we get to behold Him one day, “Wow!” Brother Thurman

Are you really, really looking up the verses?

In the four lessons below are the letters Q, R, S, and S2.

Lesson Q is concerning all the different sorts of curious questions you hear concerning Gods word and His will. You know like, little infants when they die, and when does someone become accountable to the Lord for their sins, and abortion and sex. All of these studies as I have said before are taken straight from the Lord’s Truths and laid out before you right along with the Scripture which is very plain and matter of fact . Let us go believing.

Letter R is about the most important and most talked about subject in the Old Testament and the New Testament, The (Return of the Lord Jesus Christ.) He’s not long from coming folks. Let us be prepared to meet Him and Him be pleased how He finds us!

Study R-2 is the subject of Resurrection. What it means according to the Scriptures. It covers many truths. The most important, The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ according to the Scriptures. Good study.

Letter S is about a taboo word in society now, (Separation.) You know, the old “lets all come together bit?” This study is what the Lord thinks and SAYS concerning this matter and who, what, where and when it is to be obeyed.

The Lesson S-2 teaches about what the Lord has told us about going through hard times for the reason of being associated with the word of God and the testimony of Jesus. It also teaches us many different reasons for these (sufferings and trials.) These are matters that you need to have in your mind and hearts. If the Lord SAYS it?! “Befehl ist Befehl” An order is an order! Brother Thurman

Don’t you enjoy God’s precious word? It is amazing. Below are the letters S-3, S-4, T, U, and V.

In Letter S-3 the study covers what our Bibles tell and teach us about SIN. This is a truth that involves both the Old and New Testaments and every Christian should know what their Lord and His word have to say about this matter. Many people avoid this subject like a plague. Do you really know what SIN is according to Gods mind? You should! All you have to do is read.

In Letter S-4 we have the topic of Sanctification. This Doctrine in your Bible is the Truth of how God cleanses you from your sin both for eternity and practically while you are still in the body. Good study and very important for you to know.

Next is Letter T. It ‘s truth is about Tithing and Stewardship. What really is tithing and stewardship? Waht is an offering? Does the Lord really say that we are suppossed to give one-tenth of everything. what does the Bible “SAY?” You’ll find out in this study for yourself, and won’t have to wonder any more. Amen.

The Letter U is about one of mankind’s greatest subjects, yet one of his greatest failures, (Unity!) Only God knows what real Unity is. The Scriptures teach us about it here.

Letter V is about what else but (Victory.) This study teaches us what the Bible wants us to know about what real victory is in the short run and the long run. Also, how to have victory in our hearts and minds. It also shows whether victory is immediate or a step by step process.

Below you will find the studies of W, X,Y and Z.

The Letter W teaches us about what kind of burdens a Christian should have naturally, having been saved from such a death, as we have (Witnessing.) How we are to be genuine and shine before the dark world we live in. So important. Wonderful truths! Brother Thurman

The Letter X teaches us what the Scriptures plainly think concerning different topics that have to do with our Purity and Sanctification before our Heavenly Father. The things discussed in it are about practical Christianity, meaning Christians are to PRACTICE THEM. (X-rated for Christians.)

In the Letter Y (Yearning) you will learn about “Affections” (a word not found in the Scriptures, but lots of evidence of it). The things that Christians should and should not long for, (yearn for) both good and evil.

In the Letter Z you will learn about Zion, Heaven. Topics such as “will we know one another in Heaven, and who will be there, and what will be missing.” While studying these if you have any questions or comments for me brothers and sisters please do not hesitate to ask. Part of our BHM forum is devoted to this. God Bless You for caring about what the Lord say’s. Brother Thurman

End of ABCs of Christian Growth Studies

Isn’t God’s word wonderful? “…which liveth and abideth for ever.” 1 Peter 1:23b

ABCs of Christian Growth

“There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” Romans 8:1

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