Biblical Theological Studies

Here in the Theological Studies we focus on more doctrinal truths from God’s word. It is just a little more advanced than the ABCs studies, but each compliment one another, both being the Lord’s wonderful truths. Here you will learn more in depth about God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Ghost and the Bible itself. We call these Theology – The Study of God The Father; Christology – The Study of God The Son; Pneumatology – The Study of God The Holy Ghost; and Bibliology – The Study of The Bible. Don’t let any of these (“BIG WORDS”) scare you off. These truths in this study will bless your heart and your walk with the Lord. It’s God’s word! You’ll love finding these “Truths” out. Brother Thurman

Below you will find the entire study in the scroll windows. If you wish to download the study, please do, by clicking the download button below the window to the left. After downloading you can collect the study in your own files or print them for devotions with your family or teach to your class. If you prefer just to study here with your Bible and fill in the blanks as you go by looking up the Scripture, that’s a wonderful idea also. Unfortunately, I have not gotten the audio’s prepared for a listen along study with the Theological studies yet, but it is in the working. Speaking of Audio lessons, in the ABCs of Christian Growth, all of the lessons have Audio for those lessons that can be downloaded there. The ABCs is an excellent way to study your Bible if you want to listen along to. Either way, you cannot study Gods word wrong with truth, desire and sincerity involved. The Lord bless you for stopping by Barn House Ministries and loving our Lord. He is a wonderful Lord is He not? I hope you will fellowship here many more times. No matter whether here with these studies or some other place, STAY IN THAT BOOK, ON PURPOSE! Study as we are commanded. 2 Timothy 2:15 The Lord is Coming soon! Brother Thurman.


Here is the first lesson in our Theology study. The Existence of God. As you will see when studying, there is all kinds of proof of the Existence of God. In spite of all the foolishness, objections and question upon question (“well what about this…”) from the God-Haters and Bible deniers. If someone can study through this lesson and see all the Scripture that the Lords word has to say concerning His Existence and still deny it, they are what the Scriptures say indeed! Psalms 14:1

God as a Balanced Being is next. We have to remember that God is perfect and is complete on both sides of the coin. He is perfect Love, but He is also perfectly Just. All of His attributes are Perfect; this study shows that.

The Trinity. This study will interest you all the way through with all the truths it teaches all the while showing that God is One God, but three Persons. Do what? Yes, that’s right. Three in One, One in Three.

The Personality of God. When people think of the Lord they imagine that they cannot commune with Him. Because, how can man communicate with God? There are things we know about God but He cannot communicate them to us. (Incommunicable Attributes). But, at the same time there are things about the Lord that He can and does communicate with us about. Good study!

Next, below, is lesson five The Names of God. This lesson may be a little difficult to grasp as it is just a brief outline. God’s names are very important both to Him and to you. But the study of God’s names are mainly Jewish and for the Jews. The Name for you in our dispensation as the ‘Church” the body of Christ is the “…name which is above every name: Jesus Christ.” He is the name you are taught. When my mentor who I ran all of these studies through, read over it, he told me it was the worst one yet. I agreed with Him, with the exception that when I thought about avoiding this subject the Lord said, “What, my name is not important?” The mentor of mine that I study behind was much smarter than me. So, you have heard my confession and I will finish with this. God’s names should be thought of as very important by you, but remember as you go through this brief study that the majority of Gods names were for the Jews and still are. In the New Testament, The Father and the Holy Ghost always lead you to the name of “Jesus Christ.”

Next, The Fatherhood of God. Is God your Father? How do you know? Is He everyone’s Father as the world claims? What’s the truth? This and more in this study.

The Silence of God. Perhaps this is one of the things you might have wondered about the Lord. Why doesn’t He say something? Job thought these things and said so. Good study.

The Fear of God Pt.1. Is a person supposed to really be scared of God. Do the Scriptures teach you to be scared of God? What about the people that tell us that you shouldn’t? Are they right? What sayeth the Lord! Job and David said what they were when it comes to “fearing God.”

Lastly, in the Theology study is the second part of The Fear of God. Here are the motives, why’s, and results of “fearing God.” Is a person in their right mind when they fear God or when they do not fear Him? Or. can you fear Him and not fear Him at the same time? Huh?

End of Theology Studies

“The “so-called” coping books, avoid discussing heaven, hell, repentance, judgment on sin, payment for sins, reaping what you sow, cleansing the conscience, reckoning the body dead, and a dozen other “Biblical Essentials” that are needed to “cope” with life and death.” ~PSR~


Here is our first lesson in the study of Christology, The study of Christ or the Study of God the Son. The Prophesies in the Life of Christ. A Prophecy is something that is told before it comes to be or pass. Are there things in the Scriptures that were prophesied specifically about Jesus Christ. If so what , and how many?

Lesson 2, Christ’s earthly life and ministry teaches you what went on while the Lord was in the body here on earth and about His ministry in particular.

Miracles of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Scriptures teach that Jesus performed miracles during His ministry. What were they, and what were they about, and whom were they performed upon and why?

The Virgin Birth. This is a most important Doctrine for you as the children of God. Why did God do it this way? If He had done it differently would it have been different for you? Are there people that deny Jesus’ Virgin birth? Good stuff!

Proofs for the Deity of Christ. Was Jesus really “GOD?” Really, Really! How can a man be God? If you believe your Bible as being God’s very words, what are you supposed to believe about Jesus being God? Good question.

Objections to the Deity of Christ. There are really people that say Jesus Christ was “NOT GOD?” Are they right? If not, then why do they say what they say, and how are they wrong?

The Humanity of Christ. Jesus was a human? Like, a “REAL” human? Does God’s word teach this

The Sinlessness of Christ. Jesus went His entire life without sinning? Not even once? Good studies of your Saviour.

The Character of Christ. Did Jesus ever get mad? Did people like Jesus? Was He a loving and caring person? Did He pray? Was He a humble man?

The Teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. There have been many men that have ran around with a following teaching all sorts of things. What did Jesus really teach in the short 3 1/2 years of His ministry?

The Commands of the Lord Jesus Christ. Did Jesus really leave commands for you? If He did what were they?

The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the most spoken about topic in the entire Bible. What are the views of folks about this? Are there Prophecies concerning this matter? If He is coming back “literally,” why, and how will it happen? Do we know?

The Death of Christ. Do the Scriptures teach about the death of the Lord Jesus Christ? What are the truths surrounding His death? Are they important for you?

The Resurrection of Christ. Somebody really came back from the dead? What are some evidences of it? Do any deny Jesus resurrecting? What do they say really happened?

The Ascension of Christ. Why did Jesus leave and how did it happen? Did anyone see it? Should it be important to you and why?

The Intercessory Ministry of Jesus Christ. What does intercession mean and why is it important. If Jesus is interceding, what is it about and who for? These are all wonderful truths about our Wonderful Saviour and things you should know.

End of Christology Studies


In this next field of studies you learn about the third Person of the Godhead “God the Holy Ghost.” The first lesson is simply entitled “God-The Holy Ghost.” You will learn here that He indeed is a person. Does He have intelligence? Can you offend Him? Can He do things? Does He have power? You will see!

Next, Personality of the Holy Ghost. Does He do things like people do? Does He have emotions? Is it possible to blaspheme Him? This study covers these things and more.

Third is Deity of the Holy Ghost. Is the Holy Ghost God indeed? Can He do things that only God can do? What is His place along side God the Father and Jesus Christ? Learn these truths about Him in this study?

Last in this column is The Deity and Names of the Holy Ghost. Is God the Holy Ghost referred to by different names? If so, why? Are His names important? This lesson will teach you these things and other truths about His names. Good stuff!

In this second column you continue your studies with The Work of the Holy Ghost. What kinds of things does He do? Has He worked in the past? Is He working today? Who does He work with? Is there any that He stays away?

Next, The Work of the Holy Ghost in Relation to the Believer.

Following that, Sins against the Holy Ghost. Really? Someone can sin against the Holy Ghost? Isn’t sin only against God? Good study.

Lastly, in this study you learn about literal, tangible things that affect you as a human and a believer by knowing God the Holy Ghost in The Spirit-filled life of the believer. Read those verses! All of them!

The Baptism of the Holy Ghost. What does this “baptism” mean anyway? Are you supposed to use water, or does water even have anything to do with it? Important.

Next study, The Fruit of the Spirit. What does the Bible mean when it is speaking of fruit anyway, and what does the Holy Ghost have to do with it?

The Gifts of the Holy Ghost. God the Holy Ghost gives out gifts? What kind, and to whom?

Lastly, in this column is The Emblems of the Holy Ghost. This study teaches about visual objects that represent the Holy Ghost in quality, type, picture or likeness.

The final study in your subject of Pneumatology is about The Power of the Holy Ghost. How powerful is the Holy Ghost? Can He do all of what God the Father and Jesus Christ can or is He limited in some way? Is His power important to and for you? This study will teach you these things from the Scriptures.

End of Pneumatology Studies


Here you begin a study in Bibliology. Simply put, a study of Gods Word, The Bible, The Scriptures. First, The Inspiration of the Bible. Where did the Bible come from? Is it really from God? Does the Bible say it is from God? What does inspiration mean?

Next, The Wonders of the Bible. Is the Bible a supernatural Book? How popular is it, and how did it stay around so long?

Thirdly, The Symbols of the Bible. What does God’s word liken itself to and why? Does the Bible illustrate itself?

Last in these studies you will find, The Supposed Contradictions in the Bible. Are their contradictions in God’s word? How can that be? People actually think God’s words have errors? If there are, can it be trusted? Good question! Answers are in this study.

End of Bibliology Studies

Biblical Theological Studies

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